PBR-PANEL is a multi-use wall

and roof panel used primarily in

pre-engineered metal building applications.  An optional Purlin Bearing Leg (PBR) rests on purlins and provides support for fastening the panel lap. With our state-of-the-art roll former, we can manufacture any size panel you request in a variety of colors. Custom lengths not only make your job quicker but also alleviate any waste or on-site cutting.



SNAP LOC ROOFING PANELS are a modern, sleek approach to traditional metal roofing. Snap Loc panels provide a concealed fastener system that covers your screws after installation without the need of a mechanical seaming machine. Protecting the roofing fasteners under the Snap Loc system design not only gives you a cleaner look to your overall roof, but also protects the screws from weather and the elements. In addition to Snap Loc, we also manufacture traditional standing seam and r-panel roofing in many color options.


Roof panel


ROOFING COILS are used in conjunction with standing seam roll formers used by commercial and residential roofing contractors. 

Contractor request for rental of our trailer mounted SSQ-275 machine can be made with the “Contact Us” form.

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